SAST GRC Suite – The perfect protection for SAP®

Too often SAP® audits reveal vulnerabilities in systems and risks are unfortunately still seriously underestimated. We want your systems and your valuable data are protected from attackers. Especially for the security of your data we have developed the SAST* GRC Suite for SAP®! *System Audit and Security Toolkit

SAST GRC Suite General Characteristics

• Modular: you can have only the modules you need.
• Homologated to SAP® S/4 Hana.
• SAST is fully integrated into SAP®.
• Speedy installation, you are operational within hours.
• Intuitive operation thanks to the GUI customized for SAP®.
• Protection of company data, these remain in your SAP® system.
• 360° real-time monitoring of your SAP® systems.
• SAST GRC Suite is SAP® certified.
• SAST check functions and rules have been certified by an economy auditing association.
• Checks of the technical system security of ABAP and JAVA environments.
• SAP® download content is completely logged.
• Available in 8 languages: English, Portuguese-BR, Spanish, German, Czech, French, Chinese and Russian.

SAST Overview

Quality indicator for more trustworthiness and information security

As a German company, we guarantee that development and data protection are also subject to German criteria and therefore meet the highest requirements. We fulfill specific criteria to be able to display this quality indicator, which is protected under copyright.

Security Made in Germany

SAST GRC Suite Modules

Módulos SAST

AdminTrack (more details)
Secure emergency user procedure
Monitor privileged users, such as emergency users, and their accesses in your SAP® system without gaps. All transactions, system changes and critical activities are recorded in a tamperproof audit record.

SAST AT HCM DisplayTrack (more details)
The logging of read access to SAP® HCM data
With the SAST AdminTrack plus module, akquinet is the first SAP® certified consulting partner to offer a reliable solution that logs read access by privileged users to SAP® HCM data and provides detailed information on this.

SystemTrack (more details)
Completely protected SAP® systems
Analyze and optimize the security of your SAP® system automatically and in real time. The module examines all levels of your SAP® system including operati ng system and database parameters as well as critical OSS Notes using more than 3.000 checks. This allows you to detect security vulnerabilities at an early stage. Even the code of self-developed ABAP programs is examined by the SAST SystemTrack to identify potential vulnerabilities in the source code.

UserTrack (more details)
Authorization analysis in real time
Check authorizations across clients and systems. Auditors will receive qualified assessments from ‘one’ workstation and can therefore monitor and evaluate critical SAP® authorizations, combinations, processes and SoD frameworks using pre-configured and freely configurable SoD matrices. SAST will detect critical authorizations in real time as soon as a role is defined.

RiskTrack (more details)
Monitoring of risks and mitigating controls
Manage identified risks centrally and assign them to the responsible user departments. With a simple mouse-click identified risks relating to authorization and SoD evaluation and technical system inspection can be transferred directly from the analyses to the risk memory for further processing.

Role Optimizer (more details)
Automatic generation of SAP® roles
Analyze and manage existing roles with regard to T-code use and perform mass role creation and change. As part of this module, we provide you with over 700 conflict-free sample roles for SAP® ERP.

Download Observer (more details)
Protection against theft of data from SAP® systems
All downloads from SAP® are monitored and logged transparently in a way that ensures that the information can be used as evidence. This provides you with an effective tool for protecting your company against industrial espionage and any violation of data protection regulations.

User Access Management (more details)
Audit-proof management of users, roles and rights
Map customized workflows for the requesting and approving of users and authorizations in your SAP® system. As an additional function, we offer coupling with an intranet password reset and you can integrate an IDM system.

SAST Security Radar (more details)
360° real-time monitoring of your SAP® systems (SIEM)
With this extensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, you get an overview of the security status of all your SAP® systems at the touch of a button.

SAST Interface Analyzer (more details)
Analysis and safeguarding of SAP® system interfaces
Check inbound and outbound connections and relationships and get a graphical, cross-system overview of interfaces.

Management Cockpit (more details)
The integrated solution for risk analysis and control
Display and analyze IT auditor results clearly and depict developments over time. You will be able to identify the risk situation in your SAP® system landscape at a glance.

Intranet Password Reset (more details)
Self-service for simple password resets
Simplify the implementation of strict password guidelines and eliminate the costs for help desk calls. The intranet-based self-service directly enables the user to reset personal passwords, eliminating long, time-intensive request processes involving the help desk.

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